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ITP: Kurt built Rogue a coffin

[So one day BEFORE Halloween, there is a fuzzy blue elf trying to drag a very nicely-made coffin into an acceptable position in the front yard. His loving sister keeps making him move it. It will fit in nicely with the tombstones, cobwebs, giant spiders, ghosts, and jack-o-bat army that are scattered artfully around the cabin. Also that pesky Sentinel and the creepy dadneto hammock additions, but who's counting those?]

I can't believe you talked me into this. What are you going to do, sleep in it?

((Open to everyone who would possibly have a reason to stop by the X-Cabin. Feel free to have antics as you see fit, since I missed most of the Halloween things.))


Sometimes I am dumb and forget whether Kurt is blue and fuzzy or using his holowatch and bork threads by using the wrong icons. SO, JUST SO YOU ALL KNOW typically Kurt is using his holowatch and is not blue unless I state that he turned off his holowatch! And if he is blue and I use a people icon then just. Ignore that too. Basically whatever the first icon is in the thread indicates if he is blue or using his holowatch. Focus on his amazing expressions rather than his blue and fuzzy (or lack thereof).

A wild Meme appears!

HAHAHA Kurt passed 1k (shutup I am totally playing him) at some point and Machika is almost at 10k and those are really the only milestones unless you want me to point out that Leo still hasn’t hit 5k (shock) and Jack...needs to stop playing on his computer and get out more (shhhh love me Brianna I am the best castmate). I have a list of plans that should help that, yaaaay plans.

SO. I shall do First Impressions for Kurt and Relationships for everyone else. And Kurt too, sure, whatever you want. These may devolve into just spamming you with someecards, but there will probably be words too. If you want to do questions beyond that, I like spamming people with wordvomit so that is perfectly acceptable too. Talk to me, Camp, I love you.

YOU MAY ALSO COMMENT HERE TO SAY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME. Because I’m amazing, I know you all want to play with me. I promise to be diligent about jumping people, I know I still have a list of people to jump because I am on top of everything. Love meeee.



Leaving on Thursday without my laptop, which means no internet, and from now until then I will be busy with packing and last-minute planning of things. So calling a hiatus for a week! I will probably be back July fourth in time for mistletoe. This applies to Machika, Leo, and Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler.  

In the meantime, let’s do memes! I completely forgot to do Leo’s First Impressions and he’s almost at 2k. And while we’re at it we can do Kurt’s. He’s…halfway to 500 comments IT’S FINE IT COUNTS we can pretend this is also a Jumping Meme for him.  

In addition to this you also have the option of opting into an anything goes meme because I am bored. The rules for this are floating around somewhere on the internet and I shall paraphrase in my laziness. You comment here and *~*~ASK A QUESTION~*~*. It can be anything you want, which includes ic, ooc, relationship, psychology, thoughts, headcanon, someecards, music playlists, whatever. Examples include my character’s opinion of your character, certain behaviors you’ve been wondering about, general thoughts on my characters or canons, letting me pimp all my canons to you, my favorite internal organ or opinion on the new X-Men movie, how terrible screencapping for icons is, excitement levels for the last chapter of Immortal Rain, etc.  



Character: Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
Series: X-men: Evolution
Character Age: 17

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Concrit Post

Concrit post! If there is anything that bothers you about the way I play Kurt/Nightcrawler or if you think of any ways that I can improve the way I play him, or just anything you want to comment on about it, drop a comment here!

Stats and Permissions

Name: Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
Age: 17
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